A State of Love and Panic

by Noise Pollution

My spine, it slowly starts to slink
away from everything I think
and it grids itself to dust
I guess it’s doing what it must

I feel it bend beneath the weight
of every stupid thing I say
but I love you so damn much
so I say it anyway

As scoliosis settles in
I suck it up and suck it in
all the air from where you were
the places you have been

Until I collapse from no support
I will prevail as I contort
myself to all these different shapes
to keep myself standing in your wake

And in the wheelchair they provide
I will be forever by your side
I hope to someday catch your eye
as you walk slowly behind

It’s such a sad state of affairs
how did it ever come to this?
I just wanted to be loved
and now I’m just gonna be missed

When they bury me tonight,
will you laugh, will you cry
or will you pause and roll your eyes
and keep on living your life?

I hope you do.