I could be like Adele and make the title of this song my age because literally everyone who has ever written music ever has had that idea and it’s not original and all and bleh I guess I just don’t like Adele but instead I’m not going to title this song at all.

by Noise Pollution

Right here
and right now
we’ve got these things to talk about
I’ve got a plan
but the pieces
just don’t fit
I’ve got fears
I’ve got doubts
So I will try to talk around
I’m just saying, man
there’s no reason
for any of this.

And the candle
that I lit
though I’m so afraid of it
It’s burning low
and soon it all
will go dark
And I can’t think
so I can’t feel
I know that all of this is real
Won’t you come?
Or am I going in

They say it doesn’t have to hurt
just close your eyes
and everything will work
out now
out loud
But I’ve never been one
for theatrics
don’t ever think I
will believe you
I’ll leave you
sooner than I’d
be deceived by you

The world is spinning
so damn fast
and the runners running
all came in last
But I didn’t run at all
I stayed and waited for a call
to come through and tell me I’m alright
so I could scream at them; I know I’m not alright.
And I feel so left behind.

They say it doesn’t have to make you sick
just keep your eyes open for the drive
and you will get over it
I don’t
but you won’t
Oh, I’ve never been one
for these kinds of engagements
don’t ever think I
will go along
you are wrong
and I soon I’ll prove
it to you with a song.