by Noise Pollution

It doesn’t matter where I go
if you are waiting for me
it doesn’t matter what I say
if you aren’t listening to me
You think I am just what I am inside your head
But I swear to god I’m more just the shallow things I said

I’m not a morning person, I like to sleep in
from time to time
I spend my afternoons wasting away
trying to feel fine
But I’m more than just a broken thing
waiting for you to fix
I have a thousand and one broken dreams
and you don’t give a shit
You just want me to succeed at what you
want me to become
but I’m not that cool, I’m not that guy
I guess I am not the one

I had thoughts
of trying all sort of drugs
I wanted morphine in my veins
I wanted smoke inside my lungs
And I’d cripple myself
I’d lay on the floor
There’s be nothing else
but me for you to die for
but I never quite found it
and I never got high enough
to satisfy myself
my urge to self-destruct
I couldn’t be what I wanted
what you wished that I was
but I know that I promised
I’d be more than enough

You think I am what I am inside of your head
But I swear to god, I’m more than just this broken sentiment.