by Noise Pollution

She had this dream
she saw the world come to an end
she saw the bombings
from the comfort of her bed
I said
“There’s nothing wrong with that
I’ve been afraid of death
for longer than I’ve been alive
and the time I’ve got left.”

She had this panicked
state of mind that did consume
sitting quiet on her bed
quiet in her room
because the blackout curtains
left it up to her
to decide the fate of all the world
and she was still unsure

and I felt
with her,
with her.

I had this dream
I watched the fires light the halls
I saw the red over my legs
and on the walls
She called
“Trauma is as trauma does
and you’ve been done
but it’s no longer what it was
and you don’t have to run.”

I had this panic
that I thought I could own
lower myself into bed
with Prozac and Trazodone
But all the world’s a medicine
that I have yet to see
I always shut my eyes,
and let the world be empty

and she was
with me,
with me.