Another Year In Review, I Guess?

by Noise Pollution

As far as years of my life go, 2015… was one of them.

It wasn’t particularly eventful. I’d call it a low point in my life if not for the lack of actual traumatic events that accompanied it. I honestly don’t have much to say about the year itself, so I thought I’d go find some highlights from my blogging efforts this year and share them. I’m gonna stay away from poetry/lyrics for the most part, as it is difficult for me to evaluate what in particular stands out from those writings.

Let’s start here, with the 2014 Year in Review.

The Great Whatever

Sick, Sick, Sick

Written By Medicine

In Love Maybe



To Take Offense

Another “Her”

A Secret Because It’s Not Worth Sharing

Socially Awkward Inner Monologue

The Pretension of Poetry

Drug Stories Part I


Vomit Story!

Father’s Day Rumination 





More Vomit-Talk!

The Death of a Visionary


Cliches I Adore


A Hatred of Music Reviews

A Matter of Time

Don’t Hate Mormons, Seriously

Our Virtual Reality Future


Five Things

Fumbling, Episode 1

Thanks Mr. Wilson.

Something Sweet

Panic Attacks

Fumbling Episode 2

Some DRUG talk


Fumbling 3

All The Pretty Girls (An Episode of Awkwardness)

Fumbling 4