Less Personal Stats of 2015

by Noise Pollution

Overall, we got less views than last year. I feel fine about that, though it’d be awesome if it would swing back in the other direction.

Also got less comments. I think once the initial fury of “Hey you’re a new blog, let’s follow each other” messages subsided we were left with just a few (awesome) commenters. Maybe a bigger community awaits us next year? I don’t know.

We got more overall visitors and more overall likes this year, which is rad! If I’m not reading the data incorrectly, around 600 different people checked out my blog, which amazes me. Thanks so much for dropping by, and even more so if you stuck around.

A lot of people found my page while searching for solutions to real, actual pollution. Apologies for that. I hope you found something entertaining along the way.

Most Viewed Pages

For context, the most viewed pages don’t actually have very many views. But that’s alright.

Lover In The Snow

This is actually a post from late 2014, but it was a really good one. I discuss the development and loss of romantic feelings for someone, and it’s actually really… I want to say raw as it’s one of the words I used in the actual post but that doesn’t feel quite right. I really like that I had you guys listen to a specific song whilst reading, and that song in particular just sounds like the kind of young romantic frustration that I was expressing in the post. I actually got a lot out of re-reading it.


A song about my burn scars. As it is an artistic work, I’d like to stay away from commenting too much on it and forcing my authorial intent on you.

Never Go Outside

A song about my best friend.


I wanted to talk about my most liked posts in 2015, but I couldn’t find a great way to surface that information, short of clicking through each individual post and noting the amount of likes for each one. I’m not doing that, so I suppose this post ends here. But thanks for sticking with me, and here’s hoping for more growth this year, so perhaps there will be some actual discussion to be had in my comments sections occasionally.