Imagine There Was

by Noise Pollution

Imagine there were holes
Punched in the walls throughout my house
If you imagine that I made them
You’d be imagining about
Oh, approximately everything
Everything I know and doubt
There was a house here ‘fore this house
was built, but it is not built now.

Imagine there were cracks
Across this mirror that I stare in
Forming all these separate pieces
All incapable of carin’
And I feel like the mirror
Held up to small parts of the earth
A middle class suburban street
Reflecting little worth

Now imagine there were notes
Scribbled up and down my arms
Written out in ballpoint pen
These hopeless little charms
And spells I used to write in blood
But now I’m too afraid
To carve the words I think
I want so desperately to say

There’s a permanence to everything I’ve done.
Every time I break the glass
You get a new one.

Imagine there were problems
Problems I wished that I had
Piled up on top of
Everything that makes me sad
This cracking mirror, this cracking self
I knew this day would come
I know that in the world
I know I’m not the only one

I’m not the only
I’m not

But knowing that it’s true
Doesn’t still my shaking hands
And trying to love you
Doesn’t make you understand
And everybody else
I just can’t think inside their heads
I’m stuck inside myself
And I am still in bed

Imagine I was everything I said.