Sick, Sorry, Sad

by Noise Pollution

When I am done
Feeling sorry for myself

I won’t even try my hardest
To find someone who’ll love me
No matter where my heart is
I won’t find this through inaction
I know you get some sort of
Sick satisfaction

From my lonely guy anxieties
My love, in it’s entirety
I know it’s not enough for you
You’re the fourth girl in my life
Who has told me far more lies
Than they ever told me truths

And I don’t have it in me
To give a shit
And I don’t have it in me
To feel this sick

I’ve thrown up every single word
And every lie I’ve ever heard
And now I’ve told my fair share, too
If I could pick you or a drug
I’d push you down and shoot it up
And then I could forget about you

And you can pass the blame
Onto me, shame, oh shame!
But I am never gonna talk to you again
I am never gonna talk to you again.