We Apologize For The Inconvenience

by Noise Pollution

I can see
All the dead skin falling off of me
It’s a cloud of dust
That rests and coats itself over all of us
And I don’t care.

Oh, don’t you want to die?
And be someone like I
Have been
Oh, when I look up at the sky
I get scared and I
Know how small I am

Stars don’t live forever
But it sure seems like it to me.
No, we won’t be together
Past the point that we can see
There is a horizon line

I know you want me to
Worry about nothing but me and you
But I look at the sky
And count the stars and I know I’m gonna die
Before they do
I know you think that I
Should be content to let a giant hand
Guide my life
Well, I
Hate everyone else tonight