Fumbling My Way Through Life: Episode 6

by Noise Pollution

The other night, I was going to take Ambien for my third night in a row to facilitate sleep, and I was worried the effectiveness would be reduced as a result of my frequent use, so I took a double dose.

I wound up high as a kite, watching Youtube videos of space-related video games, writing terrible, typo-ridden poetry, and eventually puked a gillion times.

It was rad, obviously.

What was less rad were the parts I don’t have any recollection of. Upon waking, I noticed that all of my pills were scattered across my bed and floor. I retrieved them all, and after counting them, noticed one was missing. I don’t know if I just couldn’t locate it or if I took another while in my Ambien haze. The latter would make some amount of sense; it would explain the excessive puking that occurred.

I had failed utterly to set an alarm. Also, I normally sleep with a machine and mask due to severe sleep apnea, but apparently rather than put on the mask, I disassembled it and pieces of it were strewn over my room. I didn’t disassemble the machine, thank god, and the mask was just a few parts that were easy to put back together. Still. The machine keeps me from, y’know, dying and stuff, and any sleep I get without the machine is generally poor sleep. This explains why I felt like garbage that morning, too.

That said, it was hilarious, if distressing to a degree where I’m legitimately worried for my safety. Fortunately I can avoid this problem by only taking a regular dose from now on. My side effects are extremely minimal when I take the thing as prescribed. It was real dumb not to do that.