by Noise Pollution

It’s so easy to say
That I don’t care
But there’s something nagging in my head
Something stagnant in the air
And now there’s nothing you can say
To take me there
This won’t ever go away
My skin has been stripped bare
It doesn’t matter anymore
I’ve got no reason to believe
In me

Don’t tell me there’s so many
things that I could do
When I can only die alone
and it’s all because of you
There’s an anxiety
Inside of me
And I can hear you
Lie to me
Every time I close my eyes.
Don’t tell me that the oceans
And the sky will stay blue
When I am left to die alone
Or live life without you
The skies are grey
But anyway
Nothing here
Is here to stay
It’s gone when I open my eyes.

There’s a wave
Headed towards land
And you will never
Ever, ever understand
Until it crashes
Into the sand
The metaphor
Will it make sense to you then?

After the wave breaks
After these mistakes were made
After the ocean floor
Takes me away
Will it make sense to you then?
Will it make sense to you then?
Will you only understand
After it all ends?
Well it won’t matter