by Noise Pollution

Ramona waits for me
To be what I swore I would be
Ramona waits for me
To change, the way I swore I’d change

It’s sometimes easier to believe
That there’s no point to anything
There’s no reason I’d ever be
But Ramona waits for me.

And Anna waits for me
To be someone, somehow, anything
Anna waits for me
To get out of the water, to stop this drowning

It’s so much better not to see
Where I’m going, where I’ll be
There’s no one else I’ll ever need
But Anastasia waits for me.

Eliza, wait for me
I try so hard, so won’t you, please?
Eliza, wait for me
This is all I want, it’s all I need

If I run fast, I cannot breathe
I start to cough, my lungs start to bleed
There’s all these things I want to be
But nobody will wait for me.