Stay the Same

by Noise Pollution

There’s something pulling
Pulling at my skin
There’s something out there
Far from where I’ve already been

But fuck that, I said I’m gonna sleep in
Nobody else can live in filth like this
But I can
They just don’t understand

Yeah fuck that, I’ll wake up at four
Watch the sun go down from my window
From my parent’s second floor
Only have seven or so more
Hours left to go

And they tell me it’s time to move on
Work out until the extra weight is gone
And maybe then I will fall in love
‘Cause we live only to fall in love

Fuck that, I like sleeping alone
The last girl I loved slept on my bed
While I fell off the memory foam
And so I slept alone

Yeah fuck that, there’s nobody out there
I don’t want them to listen or even to care
I’m tired of people who change
I just want a girl who will stay the same
I just want a life that will stay the same

But still, fuck that, I got a handful of pills
I gotta get myself high so I get over the chills
Of my last great adventure
They never told me it would end up

Like this, just living at home
The only fucking problem is
That I’ll never really be alone
‘Cause we have to learn to like being alone.