Don’t Even Touch Me

by Noise Pollution

Fuck it all,
Don’t need to rush to my side
Let me feel it
Let it all ride
Fuck it all,
Just get out of my life
But don’t leave.

I will never
Try to be cool again
I want to distance
Myself from my old friends
I move away
But our hands still touch
I think about it
How I don’t give a fuck
But I’m thinking about it too hard.

Fucking touch me.
Never loved me.
And I never loved you too.
I don’t want to be around you.
But don’t leave.

Fuck it all,
I just want to give up
Let me go
You know it’s not enough
Fuck it all,
I don’t want to see
I think I can forget you
Just don’t forget about me.

I will never
Be cool again
Won’t try to smoke
Away from all my friends
Staring at the moon
By the window in your room
I’ll stop trying so hard.
But I’m trying so hard to stop.

Fucking touch me
Never loved me
I wonder if I loved you
I certainly thought I had to
I don’t know what I want you to do
Just don’t leave.