No Future

by Noise Pollution

I can watch you all
I’m so glad you could succeed
So much better than me
I’ve been trying so hard
To be the failure that I
Knew that I could be
I dreamt it in my dreams
But now I see the failure points
In this plan, there are no
Track marks on my arms
There is no blood upon these hands

I worry about everything
I worry about worrying
I worry that I’m gonna worry soon
But nothing ever seems to be
Anything worth worrying
About, I just wake up after noon

All this fucking time I spent
Sputtering ineloquent
All this value in not giving a fuck
The poignancy of giving up
The beauty of naivety
Well now it’s all just lost on me
I swore that I would never be
I’d not amount to anything
And older now, I finally see
That I was right,
And I’m just me.