At Never Sight

by Noise Pollution

I can feel my face
I can feel it in my hands
And I won’t let go
As the sweat pours down
And pools there in my palms
I think I gotta erase
All the thing’s I’ve done, my best laid-plans
And I know
There’s no getting around
No solution that will calm

Me down,
You cannot calm me down

And I can hear you screaming
Even though we’ve never met
You are but a vision
Swirling around in my head
And I feel so demeaning
Falling for your pretty eyes
Like an incision
Cut into mine

I can feel my heart
I can feel it pounding in my head
Like a bass drum
Or a hole punched through a wall
And a door slammed closed
I gotta tear it apart
All the things I wrote, the words I said
And I am so dumb
I can’t get through it all
So nobody knows

And I can see you acting
Even though we’ve never met
You are my one and only
These are words I’ve never said
And your figure, so distracting
Standing in my peripheral vision
Cut into my lonely
Heart with cold precision

I can feel my heart
Pounding in my hands
Where your fingers hang loosely
Where you are.
Where I am.

And I can feel you touching
Even though we’ve just met
Everything and nothing
And I see your pretty eyes
Like an incision
Cut right into mine

A love at never sight.