One of my favorite Front Bottoms songs

by Noise Pollution


“I paint my face on wall in your bedroom,

I would say anything if it would make you happy.

I’m trippin’ acid, while you’re trippin’ mushrooms

I’m falling through the floors, and walking on the ceiling.

And we both know where this is going to lead to.

Put your poems inspired by true love,

I would say anything if it would make you happy.

I’d sing you songs until you said ‘enough’

I’m falling through the floors and walking on the ceiling.


I don’t know if this what the intention was when they were writing it, but this song very much feels like me and my best friend’s anthem from when we were using. The line “We both know where this is going to lead to” seems to capture what we were feeling at the time perfectly. There’s a melancholy to it,we knew we were destroying our lives. We knew the end of the road was an early death. But we were doing it anyway. It felt right. We would die, screaming in defiance at the abyss the entire way. There was no ignorance there, there were no delusions that things were going to get better. They were only going to get worse, and we decided we were okay with that.

I covered it, too. So there’s that.

I think I’m one of the only covers of the song on all of Youtube, which is interesting. There’s another one, above mine, but it doesn’t cover the vocal parts. It’s just the person playing the acoustic guitar over the song. Which is fine; though I find it less personally satisfying than seeing an alternate rendition of a song. Saying that is a little self-serving, I guess, but my cover is by no means fantastic. There are a ton of other Front Bottoms covers out there, and some of them are jaw-droppingly fantastic.
The covers done by Harrison Watters in particular are incredible, and put mine to shame.