One, Two

by Noise Pollution

Back when we were seventeen
and knew where we were headed
Before the seven thousand things
we’ve done that we’ve regretted
I asked you “What’s it matter? I
have only been pathetic…
Someday you will say goodbye
and I will have to let it

And I let it

Back when I was younger still
before you and I met
Another girl, and other thrills
that I tried to forget
I wrote so many songs for her
I wrote us a duet
Where I would sing the bitter words
and she would sing the rest

And there was nothing

Well, since I’m stuck on memories
there’s one I can see clearly
In spite of all the remedies
I hold my nightmares dearly
I pour it onto hard cement
and soon it was severely
The reason why I still resent
myself so much, sincerely

And I nearly
This is serious, I still
know I never

And now that I’ve gone crazier
and spent some time alone
I’ve gotten so much lazier
since I have come back home
But the wounds, they’ve been reopening
all the stitches that I’ve sewn
And I cannot stop focusing
on things I should’ve known

And stars
that never

I’ve been feeling half-asleep
for something like eight years
The ups and downs don’t seem as steep
when you don’t have to steer
But now my eyes adjust to light
and everything I fear
is that it all will be alright
as long as I stay here

‘Cause I can’t
stay here

Haunted by the ghost of you
and those I used to long for
Praying I would never lose
somebody to be strong for
I’ve learned I’ve got to learn to live
A life where I write songs for
the only one I won’t forgive
That I am not along for

the ride
I can do more

than live
then die