Recorded Memories (Original Song)

by Noise Pollution


It fades into the background
I hear they’re comin’ around
Gonna play here tonight
And maybe when I go
they’ll play every song I know
under the glow of a thousand lights

Everybody hold them high

So you can take it with you
Prove to all your friends
that you were here

But were you here?
Or were you somewhere else entirely?
Wrapped in a delusion
only staring at a screen
I dreamed
of mattering to you
to make me matter more to me
but I wonder if you notice
that you haven’t even seen
And you will bury me
in a sea
of recorded memories
to be a thing
that doesn’t mean
whatever you believe it means

Instead of letting go
you have held on to a collection
of nothing but projections
There will be no resurrection
of the moments that have slipped away
so you could have them on display
in unconscious vapidity
It all has no solidity

So what if it will never disappear?
I wish you were really here

[Sometimes I go to a concert and see everyone watching the show on their phone screens, instead of watching the incredible thing happening right in front of them. I don’t think anyone actually goes back and watches those videos. And if they do, the memory of the show is… of them holding up their stupid phone the entire time. I’m maybe one of the worst people to follow in terms of “living in the moment,” but moments like that… I’d rather have a really vivid memory of a live show than have a permanent recording of it. Having a good time is more important than proving to yourself and others that you were there.]