A Few Words, Because They’re Important, As Is My Right To Say Them

by Noise Pollution

I’m freaked out right now.

Yeah, it’s because of the election. But I’m less freaked out by the results than I am by the people who made those results happen.

And no, I’m not upset that they voted. Everyone should vote. And they had every right to vote the way they did. It’s the fallout from this all that is astounding to me.

We have elected a man who believes that freedom of the press is wrong. And when I speak to call him out on any of the horrific things he has stated publicly, I am met with a barrage of people claiming that he has the freedom to say whatever he wants.

They are absolutely right. But freedom of speech is not freedom “from” speech. Every action you make has consequences, positive and negative. Every word you say affects someone, somewhere in some way. And guess what? It is just as legal for me to be offended by the xenophobic remarks that man has said as it is for him to say them.

Freedom of speech means freedom of speech for everyone. Not just the people you agree with. Freedom of speech means that when someone says something I find offensive, I am allowed to call it out as offensive. I am not trampling on another person’s free speech by commenting on the things they said.

I have heard people cheer as a man on television said he plans to sue every media outlet who has ever said a negative word about him.

You know what? You people… you people who claim “freedom of speech” whenever someone calls you out for saying something offensive? You don’t believe in free speech. You don’t believe in the very thing our country was based on. You are not Patriots. I value our first amendment far more than you ever could. Free speech does not end at the people who look like you, who sound like you, and who think like you. Free speech does not end at anyone.

I am a Patriot. I am an American, and I believe in freedom of speech. Look at yourself. Look at how you’ve been reacting to the events of this week. Do you aim to silence those who disagree with you?

Do you really believe in our First Amendment?