A blog just like any other blog, I want to share my aimless and meaningless thought processes with the world through text. I’m going to get fucking depressing at times, you have been warned. I’m a pessimistic person.

If you want to contact me… I don’t regularly check my email or anything, so just leave a comment. I’ll respond, if I haven’t left the blog for dead by the time you see it. Though I have no idea why someone would ever want to contact me.

I guess I should actually say something about myself here. I am another twenty-something stumbling around blindfolded through life. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, along with Severe Major Depression, and that bit comes on in a reoccurring manner. I am socially awkward to the point of having made no friends since moving out of my old place almost a year ago. I am a burn victim, though my scarring is all in places that can be covered up, so its impact on my life is not as severe as it could have been had the burns reached my face.

My favorite book is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s fucking wonderful. I don’t have a favorite movie or television show, as those mediums don’t appeal strongly to me. My favorite painting is The Starry Night by Van Gogh. I know that’s a pretty typical choice, but most paintings don’t even get a reaction out of me, and that one moves me. My favorite musical artist is a band known as The Front Bottoms, an acoustic-punk act from New Jersey that basically writes entire albums about me, personally. That’s an exaggeration, they obviously don’t actually  write about me, but they have albums that seem to chronicle parts of my life with surprising accuracy. My favorite song is Flashlight, by the aforementioned band. It’s an incredible song, and it takes my mind to another place every time that I listen to it or play it on my guitar.