Still Here

by Noise Pollution

Hey everyone. I’m still here, there’s just been a lot of stuff going on and I’ve been kind of… computer-averse lately.

My younger brother left. He’ll be gone for a while. He went to start a two-year long mission for the church that my family belongs to.

I feel lots of things about it, most of them selfish, if I’m honest. I’m losing the only person I know around here who shares my interests. I’m going to be fucking lonely for a while. I don’t have any friends.

I mean, he’s doing something that he wants to do. It’ll make him happy. And you know, I left for a while too. I don’t really have much of a right to feel unhappy about it.

So I’m not, I guess. I’m pretending it’s not happening. I’m putting aside all of this unhappiness and saving it for later. I don’t know how well it’s going to work out, but I know that at this very moment, I can’t deal with it. So, yeah. Later. Not now.

But I’m totally still here, if you were wondering.