Ambien Nights

by Noise Pollution

I recorded myself playing guitar and singing while too under the influence of sleeping medication to be successful. It’s… really bad. It’s ridiculously honest, but it’s so goddamn bad. There are actually bits and pieces of ideas in there, both music-wise and lyrics-wise that could be worked into something usable, which is why I left the device recording, but man, most of it is utter trash.

I did eventually get to bed, after some stumbly fun attempting to walk to the bathroom. Then my dreams were fucking awesome. I dreamed I was high as kite, and in this dream, it was all upside, no downside. Basically my dream consisted of me just feeling awesome as fuck. The only dreams that beat that are dreams where I get to fly (or even jump really, really high) or dreams where I get to see an attractive person remove their clothes when I’d never get to see that happen in real life. Honestly, this “high as fuck” dream ties for either of those. It’s only beaten by a dream that has both.

And then the usual shit happened, which is why I’m typing this up right now: I woke up three hours later, about halfway through getting a decent amount of sleep. It’s a bummer, really. If I had stayed asleep, there’s a chance that I’d feel refreshed tomorrow (for once) which would be super cool.

That said, I still feel the lingering effects of the Ambien, and it feels good. It’s rare that the drug does anything more than knock my ass out, so these nights that it takes things a step further are a real treasure. I get to feel high without doing anything wrong. Too bad it only happens once every few months. then again, maybe that’s a good thing? I don’t know. But tonight has been good, despite the whole “I’m gonna feel like shit in the morning” thing I’ve got going on.